Shri Satya Pal Malhotra Memorial Award

Late Shri Satya Pal Malhotra was a source of inspiration for all of us. Born on Jan. 7, 1923, he was a philanthropist and true humanist. He passed away on March 8, 2001. In the loving memory of this great soul this award is constituted by his son Er. Ravinder Malhotra and daughter-in-law Prof. Sunita Malhotra.

A cash award of Rs. 3100/- (Two thousand one hundred only) alongwith certificate will be given every year to the author (or the first author in case of joint authorship) whose paper published in the Journal, ‘Indian Journal of Psychology and Education (IJPE)’ and would be judged as best research paper of a year.


Shri Satya Pal Malhotra

07.01.1923 – 08.03.2001


Best Paper of the Volume


Gender Difference in Acculturative Stress and Health Among College Students by Mohammad Ayoob, Baramula, J&K


General Conduct of the Students and Parental Attitude Towards Their Children as Perceived by the Teacher by Swaha Bhatacharya, Kolkata


Attributional Style (Optimism) Cognitive Style, Mindfulness and Achievement Motivation in Relation to Academic Achievement, by Uma Mittal, Jaipur.


The Impact of Employee Initiative on Prevalent Employeeship Culture in Indian Organizations, by Himanshu


Depression, Spirituality and Caregiver Burden among Family Caregivers of Cancer Patients Shoma Chakrawarty and Dhanalakshmi D


Classroom Climate and Achievement Motivation Among Post Graduate Students. Anjana Bhattacharjee and Sagarika DebRoy, Tripura.


Development of Trait Inventory of Personality Based on Indian Psychology. Gitanjali Roy and Renu Sharma, Baroda,Gujrat(India).


Virtual World Attraction: A Curse or Blessing? A Comparative Probe of Two Age Levelled Individuals in Terms of Certain Psychosocial Correlates. Dr. Debaleena Ghosh and Dr. Neelanjana Sanyal, Kolkata, West Bengal.


Does Visualization Facilitate Insight? A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Relevance of Context in Insight Problem-Solving, Kamakshi Khosla, Delhi.


Socio-Demographic correlates of happiness across different Age Groups, Dr.Sandhiyarani Moirangthem, Manipur and Dr.Satyanand Panda Gangtok.


Building Resilience among at Risk Adolescents Using Interventions based on Thirukkural and Probabilistic Orientation by Sh.Chandrasekaran Prasanth and Prof. Narayan Annalaxmi Coimbotore,Tamilnadu


Projective Imagery, Relationship Profile and Narcissism among Incarcerated Individuals: A Comparative Psychosocial Exploration, Saritama Ghosh, Nilanjana Sanyal and Manisha Dasgupta, Kolkata