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Articles Vol: 8 No.2 Year: 2018
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1Healthy Lifestyle of Intellectually Disabled Children: Planning and Pedagogical Prospects
2Training on Pattern Recognition on Specific Learning Disability
3Coping Style and Quality of Life of Mothers having Children with Intellectual Disability and Dyslexia
4Gender Differences in Behavioral Problems among Students with Learning Disabilities
5People’s Attitude towards Inter-caste Marriage: A Study of Jammu District
6Development and Validation of a Self-constructed Psychometric Scale: Perceptions on Equity in Secondary Education (PESE)
7Relationship of Career Indecisiveness with Autonomy and Attachments in Adolescents: A Factor Analytical Study
8Whether Perceived Social support is correlated with the career decision making process among adolescents?: An investigation among Pre-university Students in Kerala
9Positive Psychological Intervention: A Single Case Study
10Improving the Knowledge and Practices of Teachers to Impart Sexual Health Education to Children with Autism: An Intervention Study
11A Changing Profile of High School Girls in Rural India - A Positive Shift
12Effectiveness of School Internship Programme: Perceptions of Prospective Teachers
13Effect of Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training (PMRT) on General Wellbeing among School Students
14Test Anxiety amongst Students of Paramedical Courses: A Hypnotherapeutic Intervention study
15Absenteeism among the Teachers: A Comparative Study between the Central and the State Government School Teachers of Papumpare District in Arunachal Pradesh
16Career Maturity of Secondary Level School Students of Rural and Urban Areas in Reference to West Tripura District
17Effect of Gratitude Intervention on Emotional Intelligence in Adolescents
18 A Study on the Analysis of the Needs of Secondary School Students of Kerala with Special Reference to Science Learning
19Relationship between Emotional Maturity and Peer Pressure of Adolescents
20Grade Eleven Students’ Beliefs in Mathematics Education in West Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
21Employment Differentials and Suicidal Ideation
22A Comparative Study on Dancers and Non-Dancers in Terms of Self-Esteem, Perceived Stress and Body Shape Issues
23 Parenting Style, Personality and Self Esteem: A Correlational Study
24Influence of Parenting Style on Locus of Control of Adolescent Students
25Impact of Parenting Styles on Adolescent Resilience
26Parental Discipline as a Predictor of Bullying among Adolescents in Ethiopia
27Study on Stress and Mental Health among College Students in Jammu Division (India)
28Cigarette Smoking among Adolescents: Role of Hardiness and Self Esteem.
29Virtual World Attraction: A Curse or a Blessing? A Comparative Probe of Two Age-Leveled Individuals in Terms of Certain Psychosocial Correlates
30Social Networking Site Usage and Adolescent Well being