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Articles Vol: 8 No.1 Year: 2018
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1Maternal Parenting Style and Problem Behavior of Children
2Emotional Competence and Satisfaction with Life as Predictors of Psychosocial Well Being among Young Adults
3Emotional Intelligence: The Predictor of Resilience
4A Comparative Study of Academic Resilience and Optimism among Students of Educated and Uneducated Parents
5The Effect of Spiritual Practices on Resilience
6Parental Encouragement and Self-Concept: A Study Based on Familial Variables
7Impact of Soci al Support on Burnout among Indi an School Teachers
8Major Barriers Affecting Teacher’s Job Satisfaction in Addis Ababa: A Comparative Facility Based Study from Government and Private Secondary Schools from Arada Sub–City, , Ethiopia
9Construct Validity of OCB Scale using Confirmatory Factor Analysis: An Empirical Analysis of Primary and High Schools
10Development and Evaluation of Career Assessment scales: A content Validation Study
11Quality of Work Life in Relation to Role Stress amongst Higher and Middle Level Jaipur Developmen8t Authority Employees
12Home Environment and Mental Health: A Study among High School Students
13Locus of Control: A Comparative Study of Criminals and Non-Criminals
14Hardiness and Mental Health among Adolescents
15A Correlational Study of Worry and Emotion Regulation Deficits in Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) patients
16General Mental Alertness of Different Sociometric Groups among Secondary School Students
17Emotional Stability and Adjustment in Adolescents: A Comparative Study of Advantaged and Disadvantaged Groups
18Adolescent Sexuality and Sex Education: Parents’ Perspective
19Coping Strategies in Primary Caregivers of Intellectually Disabled Children
20Evolution of Psychotherapy: An Overview of the Western and Indian Contexts
21Understanding Psycho-Social Pathways to Substance Abuse in Second Decade of Life: A Qualitative Approach
22Exploring the Relationship between Character Strength and Learning Style amongst Youth: An ICT Approach
23Moderating Effect of Emotion Regulation on the Relationship between Perceived Parenting Styles and Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents
24Job Satisfaction and Motivation to Teach among Lower and Upper Secondary School In-Service Physics Teachers
25Psychosocial Stressors and Life Satisfaction among Bureaucrats