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Articles Vol: 9 No.1 Year: 2019
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1Creativity and Job Satisfaction – A Study on Teachers Engaged in General and Special School
2Relationship between Teachers’ Perception, Passion andObsession about Teaching with Success in Teaching
3Developing and Implementing Critical Thinking Skills Package on Student Teachers of “Vadodara City”.
4Effect of Jigsaw Small Group Instruction in Facilitating Scholastic Achievement among Junior Intermediate Students
5Influence of Mothers’ Nurturance on Self-Esteem of Children
6Social Competence of Eighth Graders in a Cooperative Learning Classroom
7Cross Cultural Validation of the Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire for Grades 7-11 Students in the Sultanate of Oman
8Krashen’s Affective Filter in Learning English as a Second Language among Primary School Students
9Note Taking Skill of Secondary Level Students of Dakshin Dinajpur District, West Bengal
10Study of Performance of B.Ed. Students in Relation to Information and Communication Technology ( ICT)
11Parenting Stress and Family Environment among Parents of Children with Specific Learning Disability
12General Health, Quality of Life, and Coping among Cancer Caregivers: A Comparison of the Impact of Caregiver and Patient Gender
13Self-Worth and Psychosocial Well-Being among Young Adults
14Relationship of Peer Victimization with Self-esteem and Psychological Well-being among Adolescents
15Understanding Adolescent Health Behaviour through Injunctions
16Adjustment Problems among Tribal and Non- Tribal Students in Kerala
17A Study on Neurotic Distortions in Creative Artists
18Perceived Mental Health Issues of Elementary School Children and their Family Environment –A Qualitative Analysis
19Effect of Physical Activity on the Level of Depression among Adolescents
20A Study of Mental Health of Users and Non-Users of Social Networking Sites among Undergraduate Students
21Dysthymia: A Case study from a Gestalt Perspective
22Persistent Cannabis Use and Cognitive Functions: A Comparative Study of Persistent Cannabis Users and Non-users
23Gender Differences in Psychological Capital, Burnout and Social Support: A study among Medical Professionals
24Psychosocial Predictors of Suicide Ideation among Adolescents
25A Structural Equation Model of Perceived Stress, Optimism, Self-Concept, and Adolescent Mental Health
26Impact of Music Training on Self-Concept and Self -Esteem of Young Adults
27Haptic Memory (touch: texture) and Visual Memory in Deaf Adolescents
28Levels of Multitasking and Cognitive Performance
29Quality of Work Life in Private and Public Sector Companies among Different Hierarchies
30Role of Personality, Self-Attitude and Climate Change Perception in Prevention of Climate Change
31Community Perceptions and Cultural Issues related to Child Abuse and Neglect
32Career Choice of Girl Child in Contemporary India