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Articles Vol: 9 No.2 Year: 2019
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1Anxiety and Perceived Stress among Women Victims of Domestic Violence: A Comparative Study
2Perspectives of General Education Classroom Teachers regarding Children with Special Needs in Regular Classrooms
3Remediating Writing Difficulty in Spelling and Comprehension among Students : An Intervention Study
4An Empirical Study on Metacognition of Senior Secondary Students
5Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioural therapy (CBT) by Peer Support Volunteers (PSVs) for Suicide Prevention in Farmers of Punjab
6Moderating role of Resilience on association of Emotional Functioning with Depression among Breast Cancer Patients
7Major Barriers Influencing the Implementation of Active Learning in the Secondary Schools: The case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
8The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depressed Younger and Older Clients
9An analysis of Scientific Temper within Mizo Adolescents
10Self-construal and Work-Family Positive Spillover: Moderating Effect of Perceived Spousal Reciprocity in Married Working Women
11Contributory Factors of Mathematical Achievement – A Study among School going Adolescents
12Sex Education a Sensitive issue in Teaching-Learning Process: A study of Teachers Attitude towards Sex Education
13Impact of Prolonged Deprivation and Goal Orientation on Behaviour Patterns of Senior Secondary Students
14Depression and Life Satisfaction: A Comparative Study among Social Networking Sites’ Users
15Depression among Adolescents: The Role of Internet Addiction and Sex
16Correlates of Suicidal Ideation in Non-Depressed College Students
17A cross-sectional study of Adolescent Aggression
18Enhancing Responsibility among Open-School Students: Development of an Intervention Package
19Effect of Working Status of Mother and Academic Scores on the Psychological Well-Being of Higher Secondary School Students
20Happiness, Gratitude and Anger among Vipassana Meditators and Non-Meditators
21 ‘Effect of Comprehensive Child Development Program (CCDP) on Cognitive and Interpersonal responses among middle aged children: A Gender Based Study'
22Is Success an Elusive Phenomenon for Working Women? : An Enquiry
23Effect of Peer-led Concept Mapping Instruction on Academic Achievement in Biological Science of Secondary School Students.
24Job Satisfaction of Teachers: A Study of Public schools of three districts of Punjab
25Personality as a Correlate of Mental Health among Metropolitan Adolescents of India
26Does Visualization facilitate Insight? A Mixed-Methods Investigation of the Relevance of Context in Insight Problem-Solving
27Mathematics Teachers’ Perceptions on Developing Students’ Visualization in Mathematics
28Perception of Teachers and Administrators about Barriers to the Implementation of Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities
29Effect of Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Practices on Positive and Negative Emotions
30Impact of Spiritual Orientation on Self-Esteem of Adolescent Students
31Impact of Life Skill Training on Creativity among Adolescents
32Influence of Parental Attachment on Emotional Regulation and Decision-Making among Young Adults